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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tutorial written on 28th June 2012
This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS2

♥ Supplies Needed ♥

 Tube of Choice I used PTU ADELE by VeryMany can be Purchased at SATC 
 Scrap Kit of Choice I Used PTU AS Eve's Garden by Alikas Scraps Purchased at SATC  
 You Need SATC License number to use this Art 
 Font of Choice I used LainiedaySH
♥ Plugin Needed VanDerLee
♥ Mask of choice i used DBV mask 133 Here

Open new image (ctrl+n) size 700 x 600 pxl with white bg color
Open as30 resize 90x90 paste it center of image
Open tube and paste tube layer at center of the image resize 70x 70 cut the lower part of tube as shown in my tag, open closeup tube layer place it behind the frame layer at the right and left side of the center tube layer, resize them 80x80 and merg both closeup layers
click Image > Adjustment > desaturate 
Open as33 and place it on the right side of the image behind frame layer
Open element as01, as06 (resize 80x80) , as10 (resize 60x60), as12 (resize 80x80), as13 (resize 90x90), as20 (resize 80x80) place them on the left lower part of the frame
open element as19, as46 place them on upper right corner of the frame
select your desaturated tube layer and click
Filter > Vanderlee > Interlace
Horizontal scale  2
Horizontal contrast  50
Horizontal thickness 1
Vertical Scale  1
vertical contrast 0
Vertical thickness 50
now apply Vanderlee > Light > color #fe58b2
set values 
x position 50
y position 69
Angle 360
focus 55
click ok :)
add drop shadow all your elements
now add mask i used as_paper04 in mask pattern
♥ Add copyright info and license number correctly
Add text, font of your choice add effects stroke (color white) , drop shadow,
add color overlay color #e3007a,
Now delete your white bg layer and save as PNG
I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial 


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