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Monday, 15 October 2012

Tutorial written on 15th October 2012
This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS2

♥ Supplies Needed 
 Tube of Choice I used PTU My Immortal of  Christine Marie Kotlark at SATC
 Scrap Kit of Choice I Used PTU Little Red by SkyScraps at SATC 
 You Need SATC License number to use this Art 
♥ Font of Choice I used Scriptina, Tekton pro, Martina 
♥ Mask of choice 

Open new image (ctrl+n) 700 x 600 pxl with white bg color 
Open Element E5 resize (88x 85%) paste it at center of image
Open tube file paste tube (Resize 50x50%) at center and behind the layer E5
I used  paper pp5 behind tube layer Cut the part sticking out the frame
paste Element E6 and E51 behind E5 and paper
Open element E8 (resize 60x60%) E14 (resize 50x50%) , E16 resize (resize 50x50%)
paste them on right side of frame E5 , as shown in image
now select Elements E1 (resize 50x50%), E10 (resize 80x80%), E11 (resize 80x80%) ,
 E26 (resize 30x30%) paste them on left side of frame E5 as shown in image
add drop shadow to all your elements 
♥ Add copyright info and license number correctly 
Now add text of your choice , Text color #5d0704
Add effects to name text,  stroke size 2 (color#310001) ,
drop shadow, add pattern overlay of your choice i used silver pattern
add mask add color overlay # fd7474
save your image as PNG
I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial 

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